Herbs & Spices
Herbs & Spices
The most delicious Butter Chicken
A Keto recipe that is better than any Indian Resturant dsih.
Red Lentil Dahl
Everyone loves this dish! The best served with sweet potato naan.
Fluffy Oat & Yoghurt Pancakes
Made right in the blender – let rest for 10 minutes before cooking.
Tartar Sauce
Much better than anything you can buy in a jar.
Stir-Fried Pea Shoots with Garlic
Add a little green on the side that packs some flavour. Perfect with steaks.
Sweet Potato & Spinach Salad
With a tangy sauce of honey & lemon! Yum
Date Bites
A great snack for lunchboxes (nut free)
Tuna & Rice Medley
Cook the rice ahead of time, and it comes together quickly. Simple but full of flavour.
Veg 'meat'ball enchilada bake
Easily prepped ahead of time… although a bit fiddly, it’s a nutrient dense dinner that’s totally worth it!
Potato Bake (Rakott Krumpli)
I grew up having this as a main meal, but also makes a great side dish without the salami.
Chickpea & Tapioca Wraps (Easiest)
Cook like a pancake. Recipe makes about 4-5 wraps.
Chocolate Cake in a Mug
Simple recipe best served with cream or custard.
Pepper Beef Stir-Fry
A quick saucy beef stir fry that’s great with rice.
Golden (Turmeric) Milk
A relaxing and delicious drink, ready in 6 minutes.
Garlic Naan
A simple garlic Naan. Makes 6. You’ll need wheat flour for this one.
Banana Cashew Ice Cream
With or without an ice-cream churner. Recipe makes 4 ample servings (it’s filling).
Easy Sweet & Sour Pork
Sweet. Sticky. A crowd pleaser. Better than take away.
Sweet Potato Naan
Easy. Thumbs Up. Need wheat flour for this one. Makes 8 small ones.
Hazelnut Chocolate Spread (Nutella)
GG loves this.
Mi Goreng (Close enough)
Home version of the Indomie Instant Noodles.
Peanut Butter Breakfast Muesli
Easily swap out a range of ingredients, and it will still be a breakfast winner.
Strawberry Coconut Muffins
For a sweet treat, using coconut sugar. GG said it was the best muffin she’s ever had.
Easy Hummus
Using canned Chickpeas. You’ll need a food processor for this one.
Baked Beans
Super easy and delicious. Freezes well in muffin trays.
Red Curry Paste
Quick Red Curry Paste from scratch. You’ll need a nutri bullet / ninja for this one.
Buffalo Wings
Baked. Crispy. Kid friendly sauce. Thumbs Up.
Tomato & Bacon Pasta
A crowd pleaser. Easily swap out fresh ingredients with whatever you have on hand.
Chickpea Pizza Base (Easiest)
Cook like a pancake – ready in 5 minutes. Recipe makes 1 x medium pizza base.
Pizza Base (Easy)
2 Quick versions, both Yeast free, needs regular wheat or bakers flour. Makes 2 medium sized thin & crunchy crusts.
Devilled Sausages
Tasty comfort food, ready in 30 minutes. Serve with mash.
Easy Spelt Wraps (Tortillas)
Makes 8 medium sized wraps in 20 minutes.
Parmesan Bechamel Sauce
30 minutes to a great sauce ideal for Lasagne.
Egg Drop Soup (Tojásleves)
The perfect tummy soother that comes together in 20 minutes flat.
Choc Date Coconut Balls
Perfect chocolatey snack, great for lunchboxes. You’ll need a food processor for this one.
Banana Bread
With Rolled Oats & Nuts, this is a loaded with good stuff Banana Bread.
Perfect Coconut Rice
On the stovetop that works without fail
Paprika Chicken (Paprikás Csirke)
Hungarian Classic made simple. Requires 2 hours simmer.
Stir Fry - Tamari Sauce
Tamari based stir fry – ideal with beef mince / chicken or just veg. Great with noodles.
Sweet Potato Pizza Base
Still tweaking this one…
Tuna Mornay
A Classic Revisited & Fine Tuned
Ricotta Gnocchi
Still in progress…
Chorizo Pasta
GG doesn’t like
Sweet and Sour Chicken
GG is coming around to this dish, need to add back into rotation.
Enough for leftovers to freeze.