Herbs & Spices
Herbs & Spices
Red Lentil Dahl
Everyone loves this dish! The best served with sweet potato naan.
Fluffy Oat & Yoghurt Pancakes
Made right in the blender – let rest for 10 minutes before cooking.
Veg 'meat'ball enchilada bake
Easily prepped ahead of time… although a bit fiddly, it’s a nutrient dense dinner that’s totally worth it!
Chickpea & Tapioca Wraps (Easiest)
Cook like a pancake. Recipe makes about 4-5 wraps.
Golden (Turmeric) Milk
A relaxing and delicious drink, ready in 6 minutes.
Garlic Naan
A simple garlic Naan. Makes 6. You’ll need wheat flour for this one.
Mi Goreng (Close enough)
Home version of the Indomie Instant Noodles.
Easy Hummus
Using canned Chickpeas. You’ll need a food processor for this one.
Baked Beans
Super easy and delicious. Freezes well in muffin trays.
Red Curry Paste
Quick Red Curry Paste from scratch. You’ll need a nutri bullet / ninja for this one.
Chickpea Pizza Base (Easiest)
Cook like a pancake – ready in 5 minutes. Recipe makes 1 x medium pizza base.
Pizza Base (Easy)
2 Quick versions, both Yeast free, needs regular wheat or bakers flour. Makes 2 medium sized thin & crunchy crusts.
Easy Spelt Wraps (Tortillas)
Makes 8 medium sized wraps in 20 minutes.
Parmesan Bechamel Sauce
30 minutes to a great sauce ideal for Lasagne.
Egg Drop Soup (Tojásleves)
The perfect tummy soother that comes together in 20 minutes flat.
Banana Bread
With Rolled Oats & Nuts, this is a loaded with good stuff Banana Bread.
Perfect Coconut Rice
On the stovetop that works without fail
Stir Fry - Tamari Sauce
Tamari based stir fry – ideal with beef mince / chicken or just veg. Great with noodles.
Sweet Potato Pizza Base
Still tweaking this one…
Ricotta Gnocchi
Still in progress…